Why You Shouldn’t Stand Up in a Canoe

After 18 years of running a global adventure travel company, it is safe to say that Trish Sare is a bonafide adventure expert – but that doesn’t mean she didn’t learn life’s lessons the hard way just like the rest of us!

Lost pictures of Trish have recently resurfaced. In 1994 while on a trip around the world, Trish was carrying practically everything she owned on her back. It seems that while canoeing across a river in Belize, Trish learned first-hand why you shouldn’t stand up in a canoe when it’s away from shore.

Trish drying her wet clothes.

Trish’s canoe tipped over as she was attempting to help another capsized vessel, plunging into the lake along with all her earthy possessions. Fortunately, Trish didn’t mind the ordeal. In fact, it turned out to be one of her best adventure tours! As she always says, “we remember our experiences, not our possessions.”

Trish drying her wet money, journal, maps, and documents.

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