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Macedonia: Europe’s Exceptional New Adventure Destination

Looking for a new, off the beaten track adventure destination in Europe? Macedonia may be the answer you are looking for…

We are incredibly proud of our new Macedonia Multisport tour. It offers all the best of what you are looking for on an adventure trip to Europe — great outdoor scenery for thrilling, active days along with plentiful opportunities to immerse yourself in local culture. And then there is the chance to taste some exceptionally crafted local meals (often including regional cheeses and wine, should you want to try those too).

To introduce more people to this fantastic destination (and help you get to know our fantastic guide there), we recorded a chat with Meto, our Macedonia guide. As you’ll hear in this webinar, Meto is very passionate about his country and an incredibly knowledgeable guide.

Cycling Colombia Trip Launch! Video chat from Colombia

We will be leading our inaugural cycling trip in Colombia in June 2017! So, to tell you more about it, we recorded a great chat with one of our local Colombian guides, who has been working in tourism there for more than a decade.

Listen to this chat to learn more about everything related to Colombia travel — from Colombia’s safety and culture to the cycling conditions in Colombia and more…

How is Cuba Changing?

We get many questions about Cuba, and this is always one of the top questions we keep hearing.

We send staff to Cuba regularly to learn the situation on the ground firsthand. And a member of our head office staff just got back from touring Cuba early April 2017 and here is what we learned from that trip.

Cuba is changing faster than ever before. Faster than any of us expected. At first, the change was slow but now the change has now accelerated to a record pace. Ever since Obama’s visit in 2016, foreign interests and development have been ramping up in Cuba. However, during the past 6 months especially, the change rate in Cuba has become not only fast, but it has become explosively fast — exponential, in fact. Cruise ships have become a regular fixture in the bay outside Havana and thousands of passengers are arriving daily on direct flights into Havana from the United States.  

During this past staff trip to Cuba,  in April 2017, we sat down with one of our Cuban friends to talk about the changes. He sees the changes up close as he also works as a local guide in Havana. In this video chat, he tells us a bit more about what Cubans are experiencing in Cuba as well as how tourism is impacting local Cuban life.

Here are the short videos we recorded with him, and you’ll hear him describe these changes in his own words.

“How is Cuba Changing?”

“Cuban Pride & What it Means to be Cuban”

On supply shortages in Cuba…

The time to experience the most authentic Cuba is certainly now, before Cuba changes even further.

Here’s a glimpse at the beauty you’ll experience if you wander the streets of Havana now…or cycle some of the rural routes…before the country changes further…


Lumos Cycling Helmet Review

Trish Sare (Owner of BikeHike Adventures) is always on the lookout for new gear that helps make the active lifestyle even more practical.

So, here’s a short little video review we recently filmed at the office for you to tell you about an exciting new product Trish has discovered, the Lumos Kickstarter cycling helmet. This helmet answers an important need, having safety lights for biking.  As you’ll see in this video, Trish is very excited about this new helmet!

Top three reasons we love the Lumos cycling helmet:  
1. No longer worry about forgetting to bring lights!
2. No longer worry about dead light batteries!
3. The lights are highly visible and much more obvious than the small lights bikers often wear.

What she has to say about it:
“I am so excited about this Lumos helmet because the guys who have developed this… I’m an entrepreneur and I love the entrepreneurial mind. They recognized a need and solved it. I’ve experienced this need for lights so many times. You know when you’re commuting on your bike and you forget your lights and later that night you have to bike in the dark…So, this is like the perfect solution; you never have to worry about your lights. I am such an advocate for this Lumos bike helmet.”

To learn more this innovative bike helmet, watch Trish’s review.

Winter indoor cycling fun: We love our cycling classes!

We all love riding our bikes on sunny days or while we are away on an active vacation somewhere sunny. But what are we to do to get our cycling fix during the winter months? The idea of sitting on a stationary bike can be a bit boring, right? And sweating alone in a room on a stationary bike for an hour is hardly an appealing thought.

The solution? Group indoor cycling classes! This indoor style of cycling fitness is loaded with benefits and is rarely ever boring. This is how we’re keeping fit this winter so that we’re ready for our next cycling adventure!

Here are 6 Reasons we love indoor cycling classes

1. Cardio Health Benefits & Reduced Risk of Injury
You’ll build your heart health by getting it pumping through those intense drills. You’ll get even more benefit from the class if you have some wearable tech such as a wrist fitness device to keep track of your heart rate throughout the class. And by keeping your riding muscles toned and active throughout the winter, you’ll reduce your overall injury risk when you get back on the bike in the spring. In itself, indoor cycling is also lower impact than other comparable high cardio activities such as running on a treadmill. So, staying fit by indoor cycling is a great workout while being fairly easy on the knees and joints.

2. All that Great Music
Most instructors arrive at the class with epic workout playlists to keep you inspired throughout the workout. Sometimes you hear a fun beat you haven’t heard in ages. And when you’re rocking along and spinning those wheels to upbeat 80s covers and other fun beats, the workout’s intensity feels a little less daunting.

3. The Team Spirit
The workout is intense but others going through exactly the same challenge in that moment will be all around you. So, you can work through it together and cheer each other on! If you have a good instructor, the instructor will likely be keeping you positive and smiling as well! Before and after class is also a great opportunity to meet new people and socialize.

4. Lean Legs
You’ll have lean legs all year around, even when the weather doesn’t allow you to get on your outdoor bicycle. However, indoor cycling classes are usually also a full body workout. Good instructors will take you through numerous drills that are great for your abs and core as well! So, you’ll leave most classes having worked your legs, arms, core and buttocks (all those hover drills!).

5. Stronger Mental Endurance
High intensity indoor cycling classes help you learn to deal with difficulty. Some avid cyclists will even admit to being challenged in indoor cycling classes. The classes are filled with challenging drills such as intense resistance intervals that emulate hill climbs. However, as these are done as intense, short drills, they are often even harder than most actual outdoor climbs. So, to get through these challenging drills requires a mix of will-power, an optimistic mindset and self-discipline. All of this will strengthen your mental endurance that can be applied to any challenges you may face in other areas of life.

6. That Euphoric Feeling After Class
Some exercises leave people feeling purely euphoric and energized. High energy indoor cycling is certainly one of them! You may be sweating buckets but you’ll be smiling…and that high is better than any drug! You’ll feel awesome the rest of the day and experience having more energy.

Bonus: Indoor cycling means you’ll be used to riding all year so you won’t have to deal with the sore butt again when spring rolls around!

Image Courtesy:, Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-
Share Alike 3.0 Unported | Wikimedia Commons