Ticks – Summer’s Biggest Unspoken Danger

Tick Prevention TipsIf the four seasons of the year were members of the Rat pack, summer would undoubtedly be Frank Sinatra – exciting, popular, and not to be fooled around with.

We’re mostly all aware of the standard summer precautions – wear sunscreen, stay hydrated, have access to a first-aid kit, etc. These are common practices that we constantly remind ourselves of. After all, summer comes but once a year and we don’t want to blow it, do we?

In the name of “not blowing it,” it’s time to add another item to our list of standard summer precautions – tick prevention.

Ticks are carriers of diseases such as Lyme disease, the fastest growing infectious disease in the world according to the Center for Disease Control. Once infected, symptoms include fever, headache, fatigue, and depression. Although antibiotics can eliminate these symptoms, diagnostic tools for Lyme disease are limited, causing thousands of people to go untreated every year. Delayed treatment can cause problems with the joints, heart, and central nervous system. These late onset symptoms are often difficult to treat. Thus, we need to spread awareness.

Here are some tick prevention tips:

  • Wear EPA-approved insect repellent
  • Avoid deer paths while walking in the woods
  • Avoid high grass terrain
  • Shower right away when returning home from a hike
  • Inspect your pets for ticks after being outdoors

Help spread the word and tell your friends about the ticks and prevention methods.

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