The Final Mayan New Year amongst the Ruins of Tikal, Guatemala

The highly anticipated end of the Maya calendar is fast approaching. Much debate surrounds the interpretation of this “end of days.” Doomsdayers propel legends that the Earth will be ravaged by a smorgasbord of cataclysmic astronomical events. Maya elders claim that it will bring upon a time of transition from one World Age into another. While many believe that the date will pass by quietly (see Y2K Predictions). Maybe so, but honestly, what’s the fun in that!

In truth, the ending Maya calendar is a prime chance to celebrate what makes this world great the unwavering curiosity of the human spirit. This is why BikeHike offers customized private departures of the Guatemala adventure tour “Elements of the Earth” to coincide with the turn of the Maya calendar’s final year. What better way to ring in 2012 than amongst the Maya ruins of Tikal!

After hiking up the active Pacaya Volcano, mountain biking through the remote highlands of Alaska, kayaking the flat waters of Lake Atitlan, and zip-lining through the jungles of Solola, BikeHike relocates once again for a once in a life time experience – counting down the new year in Tikal, one of the most spiritually powerful places on earth. We spend New Years Day walking amongst towering Mayan pyramids looming from the thick jungle canopy. Over 3,000 Mayan structures are spread across the grounds, a place they have stood for over 2,600 years!

2012 is a year of great significance to South American culture. Fortunately, we all have the opportunity to share in the fun and adventure.

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