The Adventurers Guide To Active Meditation

True meditation can only be achieved while sitting perfectly still in the lotus position in a setting of absolute silence. Right? Well, not exactly. The truth is that not everyone has the time, environment, or desire to achieve this sort of transcendental meditation. But that doesn’t mean meditation can’t be explored by other methods.

Mediation is a method of training the mind towards full awareness or self-realized consciousness. Active meditation is a great alternative to traditional forms of meditation. It promotes the same principles while in a moving environment. This is a highly beneficial skill for those of us who prefer to interact with our environment on both the mental and physical plane.

The benefits of active meditation are numerous:

  • Better health
  • Better sleep
  • Better stress management
  • Increased self confidence
  • Increased focus
  • Increased enjoyment of surroundings

For people who are already active outdoor adventurers, adding meditation to your bag of tricks can be a quick and natural process.

Step 1: Choose an Outlet

Merging your love for outdoor activity with mediation is as easy as choosing an avenue. Activities like mountain biking, kayaking, trail running, jogging, hiking, and skiing are ideal because they are all mostly independent experiences.

Step 2: Initiate

Begin with just 10 or 15 minutes of active meditation during the activity of your choice. Start with short periods of time and build your way up until you feel you are getting the most out of your experience.

Step 3: Discover Your Zone

During this time, keep aware of your surroundings. Focus on the present and allow to pass all thoughts of future and past. Focus on your breath and the way your body is interacting with the environment. Explore your senses – the smells, the passing colors, the sounds, the textures. Remember that there is no wrong way to meditate as long as you make an effort to involve both your body and your mind.

Step 4: Remain Safety Conscious

Although standstill mediation is about as safe as it gets, active meditation is a little riskier. Try not to drift out of consciousness. Always remain focused on all your environmental stimuli.

Active mediation gives us a chance to see our environment and ourselves from a difference perspective. The residual effects will stay with you as you carry on your adventure.

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