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4 Reasons Why Patagonia is a Must See

Breaking away from the common aspiration to travel in a warm and tropical destination can be difficult – but Patagonia makes it EASY. A mixture of immense natural beauty, rich wildlife and satisfying activities makes Patagonia a must for active travellers. Patagonia is located at the southern end of South America and spans over parts […]

What’s the Difference Between Hiking & Trekking?

Did I just go hiking or trekking? Semantics aside, I suppose it doesn’t matter. Either way it was fun, scenic and healthy. But since you clicked on this post, it’s likely that you actually want to know the difference. Well here it is: Origin Hike merely means walking in natural environments. If you’re doing that, […]

Hiking Through the Natural Beauty of Argentina

Argentina’s natural beauty is found in its grandiose waterfalls, frosted mountain peaks, and thriving Patagonian region. Patagonia adventure travel provides the kind of rugged beauty that warrants all five of the observer’s senses. The flora is diverse and abundant – coloured with subtle pastel tones of pinks, blues and greens. Wildlife such as guanacos, penguins […]

New Years Eve Getaways on Daytime TV Show

With 2011 wrapping up, ears everywhere are perked to find new and exciting ways to ring in the new year. For those of us with the travel bug, there are many options to pair a taste of culture with our New Years Eve celebrations – one option being BikeHike’s very own Tanazania trip, Kilimanajro and […]