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Trish Guides Costa Rican Group in Her Own Neck of the Woods

Nomadic Trish is off for yet another adventure, only this time with a welcome plot twist. After a career of guiding Canadians throughout Costa Rica, Trish finally has home field advantage as she gears up to lead a group of Costa Ricans throughout Canada! As the founder of BikeHike Adventures, Trish has spent a lifetime […]

Why You Shouldn’t Stand Up in a Canoe

After 18 years of running a global adventure travel company, it is safe to say that Trish Sare is a bonafide adventure expert – but that doesn’t mean she didn’t learn life’s lessons the hard way just like the rest of us! Lost pictures of Trish have recently resurfaced. In 1994 while on a trip […]

Biking the Cloud Forest of the Irazú Volcano, Costa Rica

Adventure means never knowing what’s coming next. On my recent biking and hiking vacation in Costa Rica, that’s exactly what we got. It was a smooth mix of biking, hiking, whitewater rafting, sea kayaking, zip-lining and rappelling. At the beginning of the trip, we mounted fat-tire bikes and descended the Irazú Volcano through the thick […]

A Packed Day of Adventure in Costa Rica

Multi-sport vacations are marked by a variety of activities over the course the trip. Going a step further – sometimes multiple activities are explored in a given day! For instance, take day-4 of the Ultimate Adventure Medley, a Costa Rica adventure trip. The adventure quotient for this particular day is enormous: It includes: Zip-lining through […]

Help BikeHike Protect Endangered Turtles in Costa Rica

For the third year running, BikeHike is excited to assist researchers gather and relocate endangered turtle eggs to protect them from poachers. April & May mark peak season for turtle eggs in Costa Rica. During this time, there are two departures of BikeHike’s volunteer adventure vacation “Turtles and Trails,” incorporating volunteer time to offset illegal […]