Most Frequently Asked Travel Questions by Travellers

Travel FAQs

There is no such thing as a dumb question. While some questions may seem odd or unnecessary to one person, another may simply be relieved that someone else had the guts to ask.

Travel is one area that is full of questions, often resulting in widely varying answers. How many times have we seen Top 10 lists that supposedly answer things like the best destinations for adventure travel, most beautiful beaches in the world, grossest foods around the globe – the lists are endless. Furthermore, the answers to these questions differ greatly depending on who is doing the answering.

One thing that does remain fairly consistent is the questions that are asked about travel. While there are slightly different questions that are asked depending on the type of travel, there are some that are universal.

The following are five travel FAQs from the mouths of travellers themselves.

1 » How do I find the cheapest flights?

This is one of the most commonly asked travel questions that gets featured regularly in the media. Some of the tricks include things like searching for fares in the morning or flying out on Wednesdays or taking a flight early in the morning. Some frequently suggested sites include and, though you should be careful anytime you use third-party websites for flights. Another often overlooked place to find cheap airfare is from a tour operator.

2 » What are the accommodations like?

Accommodation is one of the hot topics of travelling and the answer depends on where and how one is travelling. With the average age of travellers increasing, there is a stronger focus on comfort than in the past. This is particularly prevalent in the adventure travel industry, which has traditionally focused on authentic travel experiences. Unfortunately, an authentic adventure trip off the beaten path may require foregoing a hot shower or private bath, something that many travellers are unable/unable to give up. The question then becomes whether experiencing the local culture is important enough to give up our Western standards for one or two days.

3 » What do I pack?

Like the question about accommodations this one depends on how and where one is travelling. The best place to find out about this is from your tour operator since they have the most experience and have usually added in a selection of tips from previous clients.

4 » How do I travel with dietary restrictions?

If you look at any media source, you are almost guaranteed to come across an article about the most recent health trend. Right now gluten-free diets are the hot thing, but some, like vegetarianism or religious constraints, continue to have a presence. While it can be challenging to travel with dietary restrictions, particularly in meat-loving places like Argentina, it is not impossible. It is always a good idea to talk to your tour operator before going on a trip so they can plan to accommodate any particular dietary needs.

5 » Do I need any shots or medications for a particular destination?

Since it is unlikely that the travel ‘expert’ you are talking to is a qualified medical doctor, the safest place to get information about required or recommended vaccinations and/or medicines is The Center for Disease Control. Furthermore, most major cities now have Travel Clinics which will (for a small fee) provide the necessary vaccinations and paperwork. 

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