Winter indoor cycling fun: We love our cycling classes!

We all love riding our bikes on sunny days or while we are away on an active vacation somewhere sunny. But what are we to do to get our cycling fix during the winter months? The idea of sitting on a stationary bike can be a bit boring, right? And sweating alone in a room on a stationary bike for an hour is hardly an appealing thought.

The solution? Group indoor cycling classes! This indoor style of cycling fitness is loaded with benefits and is rarely ever boring. This is how we’re keeping fit this winter so that we’re ready for our next cycling adventure!

Here are 6 Reasons we love indoor cycling classes

1. Cardio Health Benefits & Reduced Risk of Injury
You’ll build your heart health by getting it pumping through those intense drills. You’ll get even more benefit from the class if you have some wearable tech such as a wrist fitness device to keep track of your heart rate throughout the class. And by keeping your riding muscles toned and active throughout the winter, you’ll reduce your overall injury risk when you get back on the bike in the spring. In itself, indoor cycling is also lower impact than other comparable high cardio activities such as running on a treadmill. So, staying fit by indoor cycling is a great workout while being fairly easy on the knees and joints.

2. All that Great Music
Most instructors arrive at the class with epic workout playlists to keep you inspired throughout the workout. Sometimes you hear a fun beat you haven’t heard in ages. And when you’re rocking along and spinning those wheels to upbeat 80s covers and other fun beats, the workout’s intensity feels a little less daunting.

3. The Team Spirit
The workout is intense but others going through exactly the same challenge in that moment will be all around you. So, you can work through it together and cheer each other on! If you have a good instructor, the instructor will likely be keeping you positive and smiling as well! Before and after class is also a great opportunity to meet new people and socialize.

4. Lean Legs
You’ll have lean legs all year around, even when the weather doesn’t allow you to get on your outdoor bicycle. However, indoor cycling classes are usually also a full body workout. Good instructors will take you through numerous drills that are great for your abs and core as well! So, you’ll leave most classes having worked your legs, arms, core and buttocks (all those hover drills!).

5. Stronger Mental Endurance
High intensity indoor cycling classes help you learn to deal with difficulty. Some avid cyclists will even admit to being challenged in indoor cycling classes. The classes are filled with challenging drills such as intense resistance intervals that emulate hill climbs. However, as these are done as intense, short drills, they are often even harder than most actual outdoor climbs. So, to get through these challenging drills requires a mix of will-power, an optimistic mindset and self-discipline. All of this will strengthen your mental endurance that can be applied to any challenges you may face in other areas of life.

6. That Euphoric Feeling After Class
Some exercises leave people feeling purely euphoric and energized. High energy indoor cycling is certainly one of them! You may be sweating buckets but you’ll be smiling…and that high is better than any drug! You’ll feel awesome the rest of the day and experience having more energy.

Bonus: Indoor cycling means you’ll be used to riding all year so you won’t have to deal with the sore butt again when spring rolls around!

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  1. Cycling has lots of advantages over monotonous exercise regimen.

    Even, during the winter you would take your bike and spend time in the trails and that would be a time well spent.

    I’ve known many men and women who have increased their life longetivity because of active cycling

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