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Macedonia: Europe’s Exceptional New Adventure Destination

Looking for a new, off the beaten track adventure destination in Europe? Macedonia may be the answer you are looking for… We are incredibly proud of our new Macedonia Multisport tour. It offers all the best of what you are looking for on an adventure trip to Europe — great outdoor scenery for thrilling, active […]


If you love travel as much as we do here, you likely want to find ways to be able to do more of it while also making the most of every single trip. And so many of us have been gravitating towards travel rewards credit cards to help us do just that. From earning rewards to […]

Cycling Cities in Europe: FIVE lesser-known cycle-friendly European cities

Everyone seems to know how bike-friendly cities such as Copenhagen and Amsterdam are, but what about some of Europe’s other cities? Surely, city cycling is not exclusive to the Danes and the Dutch! Lyon, France Paris has long been known as a city filled with bicycles. However, France’s second largest city has an equally impressive […]

The Best Books and Podcasts That Will Inspire You To Visit Ireland

Ireland has nurtured an astounding number of writing greats for a country so small. What better way to get inspired to visit this spirited country than read a few lines from an Irish scribe. TOP IRISH FICTION AND POETRY Dubliners by James Joyce The Major Works by WB Yeats The Importance of Being Earnest by […]

How to decide if group adventure travel is for you

So you’re planning an adventure trip this year, and you’re not sure whether to join a group adventure tour or go it alone… The truth is that group travel has both its advantages and its limitations. But, while it’s not for everyone, it can be an attractive solution to a number of problems and can […]