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If you love travel as much as we do here, you likely want to find ways to be able to do more of it while also making the most of every single trip. And so many of us have been gravitating towards travel rewards credit cards to help us do just that. From earning rewards to […]

Travel to Cuba Frequently Asked Questions (Your Questions Answered)

So, you want to travel to Cuba… But lately, as interest in Cuba has increased, so too have the number of questions, especially since Obama’s announcements about the thawing of US-Cuba relations. So, here are some quick answers to some of the top 10 questions being asked about Cuba. If you’d like a longer answer, you […]

5 Slick Tips for Getting The Cheapest Flight Deals

Anyone who wants to find the cheapest fare needs to have a grasp of these fundamentals. Be flexible This may sound cliché, but it is indeed the cold hard truth. Unless you are somewhat flexible when booking your flight, you will not find the cheapest airfare. Simple as that. There’s almost always going to be […]

When to Book Travel In Advance

Everyone love a deal, especially when it comes to travel. One of the most commonly used methods of getting discounts is waiting for last minute deals. Unfortunately, waiting too long is often a risky move, especially in the following situations. If your vacation dates are set in stone, waiting for last minute deals may not […]

The Different Types of Outer Layer Shells

Last week I wrote about layering clothes for travel outdoors, starting with the base layer and finishing with the outer layer. A shell, which is the name commonly used for the outer layer, protects you from wind, rain or snow, but some do better than others. Shells can generally be sorted into one of the […]