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How is Cuba Changing?

We get many questions about Cuba, and this is always one of the top questions we keep hearing. We send staff to Cuba regularly to learn the situation on the ground firsthand. And a member of our head office staff just got back from touring Cuba early April 2017 and here is what we learned […]

Cycling Cuba: The Terrain, Bikes, Roads — What to Expect

What are the roads like in Cuba? Are the roads good in Cuba? Is there much traffic in Cuba? What can a rider expect for the cycling terrain in Cuba? Is Cuba hilly? Are there many cycling climbs or is Cuba mostly flat? We get many questions about Cuba, and these are some of the […]

Cuba Travel Update

Interest in Cuba travel has been increasing exponentially over the past few months. How is the country coping? How is this increasing demand — in the wake of various announcements related to the easing of US-Cuba relations — affecting the Cuba travel experience? BikeHike Adventures, a Canadian company, has been operating trips in Cuba for […]

A Charming Photo Tour of Cuba

The best way to capture the beauty of the world is to put yourself in the midst of said beauty by travelling. Of course, while any travel is better than none, in this case I am not talking about vacationing at inclusive resorts that separate travellers from the local people and culture. Instead, I am […]

The 5 Biggest Destinations in Adventure Travel Over the Next 5 Years

Each year, a wider portion of the world’s population opts to make their vacation an active one. Destinations like Costa Rica, Peru, New Zealand, and The United States have become the epicenter of active vacations and outdoor adventure. As the industry grows, more international destinations prepare for their flood of travelling adventure-goers. Here are five […]