A Salute To Tandem Bikes (among other human powered oddities)

active vacations
Custom BikeHike Adventures Tandem Bike

When it comes to active vacations, customization is very important to many BikeHike travellers. For this reason, we bend over backwards to make sure everyone gets an outdoor experience that’s right for them.

An example of BikeHike’s passion to customize is the two-person bicycle seen above. It was created specially for a Galapagos departure earlier this year. Our superstar Galapagos guide Jorgen crafted this three-wheeler to allow families with young children access to mountain biking trails. You can’t get much more customized than that!

Have you ever ridden a tandem bike? It’s quite the experience. It brings a welcome social aspect to the trail. Sure, someone usually pedals just a little harder than the other, but hey, that’s life!

In the spirit of the unusual, check out these weird bikes below. My favorite is the Penny Farthing. Let us know what your favorite weird bike is in the comments section.

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