A Charming Photo Tour of Cuba

The best way to capture the beauty of the world is to put yourself in the midst of said beauty by travelling. Of course, while any travel is better than none, in this case I am not talking about vacationing at inclusive resorts that separate travellers from the local people and culture. Instead, I am talking about going and experiencing the destination rather than just visiting.

One destination where this advice should really be taken is Cuba, especially since most visitors to the Caribbean island seem to stay at beach resorts and miss the real beauty of the country. In particular, taking a Cuba cycling tour will allow travellers to see and capture the authentic Cuba. Not only are the roads relatively car free since most of the locals bike to get around, travelling by bicycle allows visitors to see sides of Cuba not seen by many foreigners.

The following is a brief photo tour of Cuba capturing some of the different elements that make up the essence of the island.







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