6 Reasons Your Family’s First Adventure Vacation Won’t Be Their Last

The world is you and your family’s oyster. Now that global travel is pretty much open for business, there are very few places families can’t go. Have the kids seen Paris? Have you seen the Great Wall as a family? What about Milan? The possibilities are seemingly endless.

But with great variety comes choice. With limited time to travel, families are branching out looking for new ways to see the world. While the typical luggage + hotel vacation is suitable for many, others are looking for a little more adventure, and this is precisely where family adventure travel fits in.

For families that put a premium on action, culture, and wildlife, adventure travel is a necessary experience. Yet many families don’t even consider it. Meanwhile, the families that do take part in adventure travel are reaping serious rewards.

If you’re on the fence, here are key factors that keep families coming back to the adventure!

1 » Quality Family Time

Nothing encourages togetherness like a healthy dose of stimulation! Adventure travel takes you new places, puts smiles on faces, and fosters embraces.

2 » Higher Learning

Adventure travel has the welcome habit of coaxing out life lessons at every turn. These occur by means of cultural exposure, wildlife experiences and hands-on outdoor lessons.

3 » Physical Experience

Health is a natural byproduct of outdoor-fun. Adventure travel can be just the push your kids need to fall in love with an active lifestyle.

4 » Natural Thrills

Want to keep the whole family engaged? That’s easy. Just drop their jaws with excitement! Try rafting the rapids of a whitewater river, hiking amongst ancient ruins or biking down the slopes of a volcano. That’ll do the trick!

5 » Amazing Memories

Family vacations are meant to be remembered. This is a major benefit of adventure travel. We have clients from 18 years ago who are still talking about their trip.

6 » A Safe Environment

Assuming you’re traveling with a credible adventure travel company, safety is a top concern. Quality equipment, by-the-book safety procedures, and tested itineraries keep your family out of harm’s way and focused on the fun – expert local guides bend over backwards to ensure it.

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  1. Fantastic article! And so true -there are so many wonderful active & adventure opportunities available now for families that offer more than the run of the mill theme-parks and all-inclusives. You’re right -the world is your family’s oyster!

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