Why The World Needs Street Performers

From country to country and place to place, we find both BIG and SMALL differences in what we discover. It’s our mission as adventure travellers to squeeze out as much experience we can from each place we visit. We revel at unique architecture, devour strange new foods, and adapt to unusual (to us) cultural practices.

One varying aspect of travel that I’ve always taken keen notice of is the diversity of street performances. You can discover so much about a city just by viewing its buskers, jugglers, artists, sword-swallowers, levitationists, snake charmers, card sharks, human statues, acrobats, dancers etc.

Take music for instance. The sounds of cars, bikes, scooters and pedestrians bustling through a city’s streets will always sound fairly familiar. It’s the instruments used by buskers that play a pivotal role in making a city’s auditory ambiance unique. What would France sound like without the accordion? What would Ireland sound like without the tin whistle? What would India sound like without the sitar? Some things I just don’t want to know!

Street performances place an emphasis on creativity, talent, and entertainment; all the characteristics that make humans special. From the cardboard-box hip-hop culture of Berlin to the dueling saxophones of New York City alleyways, street performances brighten our day by reminding us where we are and how lucky we are to be there.

Check out these street performances from Croatia, Argentina, Turkey and Germany.

Croatian One Man Band

Sensational Puppeteer from Buenos Ares, Argentina

Mischievous Turkish Ice Cream Man in Istanbul

German Gravity Bender


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