What’s the Difference Between Hiking & Trekking?

Did I just go hiking or trekking? Semantics aside, I suppose it doesn’t matter. Either way it was fun, scenic and healthy. But since you clicked on this post, it’s likely that you actually want to know the difference. Well here it is:


Hike merely means walking in natural environments. If you’re doing that, you’re hiking. It’s a broad term that can be used in many different situations. Trek, on the other hand, is more specific. The word trek comes from the Afrikaan word literally meaning “pull, travel.”


The length of your outing is a key indicator of whether you’re hiking or trekking. In general, treks are multi-day outings. If you’re gone for any less time than that, enjoy your hike.


Another indicator is access to transportation. The more remote your adventure, the more it becomes a trek. For instance, much trekking occurs in Nepal’s Himalaya Mountains. Journeys can last weeks in regions with no road access.

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