Trish Guides Costa Rican Group in Her Own Neck of the Woods

Nomadic Trish is off for yet another adventure, only this time with a welcome plot twist. After a career of guiding Canadians throughout Costa Rica, Trish finally has home field advantage as she gears up to lead a group of Costa Ricans throughout Canada!
Biking tours albertaAs the founder of BikeHike Adventures, Trish has spent a lifetime guiding adventure travel vacations. Costa Rica was the first destination BikeHike Adventures offered, and has always been a special part of the BikeHike repertoire. Over the years, Costa Rican’s have been welcoming and accommodating to Trish during her travels. Today, she gets to repay the favour.

This morning, the group of eight Costa Ricans, together with guides, began their mountain biking adventure throughout Banff and Jasper National parks. The itinerary is as easy on the eyes as it is hard on the knees, passing large scale views and epic hills and mountainside.

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