Top Five Double-Dose Destinations

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. So why not turn as many pages as possible? These days, more and more globetrotters are getting the most from their travels by double dipping with multi-country trips.

To help you connect the dots on an epic multi-country voyage, we’ve put together our Top Five Double-Dose Adventures. Each pairing features countries with complimentary offerings and ideal proximity, making customized itineraries the perfect solution for a double-dose of adventure.

1 » Slovenia & Croatia

Slovenia and Croatia are Central Europe’s crowning jewels of adventure travel. Pair Slovenia’s mountainous terrain with Croatia’s pristine coast for a full-bodied European adventure.

2 » Vietnam & Cambodia

Vietnam and Cambodia are South East Asia’s must sees. The watery landscape of Vietnam and ancient temples of Cambodia combine for a compelling old and new-world style.

3 » Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands

Mainland Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands combine for some of the richest wildlife viewing on earth. The Untamed wilderness of Ecuador’s jungles and mountains contrast the evolutionary laboratory of Galápagos, teeming life.

4 » Guatemala & Belize

With the Mayan calendar winding down, all eyes are on Belize and Guatemala. Compare the ancient Mayan ruins in each country first hand before it’s too late.

5 » Turkey & Greece

Turkey and Greece each possess a deep legacy of passion and wisdom. Each claims to be the epicenter of energy and innovation. You be the judge by visiting them back to back!

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