Three Unforgettable Family Travel Experiences

Only available to those with a local guide and connections, these are the sorts of family experiences that your entire family, whatever the ages and generations, is sure to treasure for a lifetime.

Adventures as a Family in Darwin’s Playground

Galapagos Trip of a Lifetime BikeHike
photo: Swimming in the Galapagos (on a BikeHike Adventures tour)

A trip to the Galapagos offers all of the classic highlights of a great warm weather family adventure — snorkelling with tropical fish and island hopping to local spots where turtles and wildlife abound. More than a basic trip to a beach in Hawaii or Mexico, or a local trip to a zoo or an aquarium, when you travel to Galapagos as a family, everyone will return home with a greater appreciation of the wonders and diversity of life on this glorious planet. The Galapagos Islands have an astonishing level biodiversity. During a trip to the Galapagos Islands off of the coast of Ecuador, you can spend time bobbing through the ocean on sea kayaks, paddling alongside giant sea turtles, seals and bottle-nosed dolphin. You can go for a hike to watch giant tortoises foraging for food. You can jump in the water and snorkel with sea lions and turtles. To add an educational element to the trip, you can pay a visit to the Charles Darwin Research Center in Santa Cruz.

BikeHike Adventures offers a 10 day Land-based Galapagos trip year-round, visiting Isabela, Bartholome, Santa Cruz and Sante Fe islands: Galapagos Multi-Sport.

Escape the Hustle to a Slower Pace of Life

Vietnam Trip of a Lifetime BikeHike

If life is getting a bit too hectic and your sense of family connection is feeling a bit lost in the midst of the daily hustle and all of the distracting gadgets, why not dial back time on your next family vacation? Vietnam is the perfect place to reconnect as a family as you ride your bikes along peaceful dirt roads that carve around mountains, through remote villages and alongside fertile meadows. There’s also the opportunity to kayak in UNESCO recognized Halong Bay, exploring hidden caves, stunning lagoons, pearl farms and fishing villages. And hike through remote villages, past terraced rice paddies, meeting locals and learning about Vietnam’s hill-tribe culture and witnessing their slower pace of life. Your entire family will return home with a greater appreciation for wide open spaces, a slower pace of life and all of the simple things in life.

BikeHike Adventures offers two multi-day itineraries in Vietnam: Bike, Hike & Kayak Northern Vietnam and Active Indochina.

The Real Mayan Experience Starts Here

BikeHike Guatemala Trip of a Lifetime
photo: Guatemala (on a BikeHike Adventures tour)

There’s not doubt that your family will return home from a trip to Guatemala with a greater appreciation of history as well as the simple joys and colours of life. Explore colonial towns, visit indigenous villages, explore ancient Mayan ruins.¬†Historically, Guatemala is the true heart of Mayan culture and has more Mayan ruins than even Mexico! Guatemala’s most famous Mayan remain is at Tikal, the largest Mayan city uncovered there and one of the grandest ever built in Mesoamerica. No matter where you venture in Guatemala, the streets are alive with modern Mayan descendants, colours and culture. Meanwhile, wandering through the colourful colonial, cobble-stone street scenes of towns such as UNESCO heritage listed Antigua (founded around the year 1600) will remind you of the country’s more recent, Spanish history.

BikeHike Adventures offers a 9 day Guatemala itinerary, including hiking Pacayo Volcano and sea kayaking Lake Atitlan among local fishermen: Guatemala Mundo-Maya Multi-sport.




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