The Top Four Destinations for Family Adventure Travel

Family adventure travel is becoming more and more popular, which isn’t surprising. Families who embarked on overseas adventure tours are exposed to increased levels of personal challenge, worldly education, bonding, culture and all sorts of other healthy stimuli.

But where to go? Most families are looking for a place that is exotic enough to differ from home, but not so different that it becomes dangerous.

To help point adventurous families in the right direction, here are four ideal destinations for active family vacations.

1) Ecuador

With its unbelievable abundance of wildlife, Ecuador offers South America’s best adventure vacations for families. With an established adventure travel industry, Ecuador is safe, fun and stimulating. Families can whitewater raft down the Anzo River, bike the slopes of Chimborazo Volcano, or relax in the many hot springs scattered across the country.

2) Vietnam

Filled with age-old culture, family tours in Vietnam are the perfect place for children to experience Asia. The watery landscape is one-of-a-kind, showcasing terraced rice paddies and the famous limestone karsts of Halong Bay. Families can explore the busy streets of Hanoi by rickshaw, bike the beautiful Mai Chau Valley, kayak the dramatic seascape of Halong Bay and have homestay experiences in indigenous villages.

3) Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the most popular destination for active family vacations in Central America. Although it is becoming fairly westernized, it hasn’t lost its sense of culture and flair. Transportation is easy throughout most of the country and crime is less than in some of its Central American counterparts. Families can enjoy zip-lining in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, whitewater rafting on the Arenal River, and hiking in the Manuel Antonio National Park.

4) New Zealand

For families looking for a far-off land without leaving the first-world, New Zealand offers a buffet of westernized adventure. Serving up some of the world’s best active family vacations, New Zealand offers parents an opportunity to get away on their own while specialist guides look after the kids. There is no shortage of family-friendly accommodations either. Families can experience the famous Maori cuisine, hike in Mt. Cook National Park, and whitewater raft in Queenstown.

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  1. I am a Kiwi through and through so I absolutely agree that NZ is the place to go for a family! I have just been on some fun adventures through South America with my wife and our 7 year old son, Oliver. I would have to agree that Ecuador is a superb place to take a family! They have it all and the locals are super nice! If anyone is interested here is a blog with a number of places that we also managed to fit into our itinerary! I recommend it to anyone!

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