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How to Find Adventure Everywhere!

On January 23rd, I posted a simple challenge on the BikeHike Facebook Page – “Tell us your definition of ‘Adventure’ using just three words.” It was an ambitious request. Defining much of anything in three words is a difficult task, let alone one as subjective as adventure! None-the-less, I was pleased with the responses – […]

Ten Trending Adventure Travel Destinations for 2012

1) Brazil Brazil is in the privileged position to excel in almost every active area. Jungle hikes connecting remote fishing villages, sea kayaking in Tropical Fjords, and elaborate zip-lining adventures through forest canopies and waterfalls showcase Brazil’s adventurous side. 2) Guatemala 2012 has finally arrived and all eyes are on the Mayans. Guatemala is the […]

Some of our Favorite Outdoor Gear Companies

Would Edmund Hillary have summited Mt. Everest without his sub-zero sleeping bag? Would Indiana Jones have escaped the Temple of Doom without his trusty bullwhip? Would Captain Jack Sparrow have sailed a proper course without his wooden compass? In the end, all adventurers need proper gear. After 19 years in adventure travel, we have grown […]

7 Fascinating Toilets Around the World

When you step off a plane/train/bus/boat and take your first glance at a new place, there are some differences you notice right away. Language, smells, speed, climate, clothes, etc. But then, there are many smaller elements of a new place that pop up a little later. For instance, have you ever gone to the restroom […]

Find The Right Travel Rewards Card

Competition amongst airlines has led to the roll out of numerous American travel rewards cards. Since offers vary widely, it’s important to find the card that fits your unique travel style. Here are a few current offers to help you discover which one is right for you. America: Capital One Venture Card This card is […]