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How to Convince an Apprehensive Traveller to Join an Adventure Tour

What could possibly be more exciting than going on an adventure tour? Seeing the world from new angles, challenging yourself with every step and never looking back. Sure, it sounds exciting to most of us, but if you’re reading this, chances are you know someone who is a little apprehensive about adventure travel. Adventures are […]

Roots of Adventure Travel – Challenge

Since the 1980’s adventure travel has taken off. Promoting exploration, challenge and discovery, adventure travel strikes a chord with those of us who refuse to settle for the predictable and ordinary. The reasons for enjoying adventure travel are as diverse as the people who enjoy it. Never-the-less, there exit fundamental elements of adventure travel most […]

Eight Great Monuments of Angkor (Part 1)

Cambodia is the home of Angkor Wat, a remarkable 12th century temple and the world’s largest religious building. It has become a symbol of Cambodia and appears on its national flag. Visiting the grounds of Angkor Wat is a mystifying experience, transporting you into another time. Angkor Wat, however, is just one of a many […]

Best BikeHike Moments of Summer 2011 (Part 2)

Last week I listed three of the best BikeHike moments of the summer. I’ll continue this theme today with these recent gems. Interacting With The Maasai in Tanzania After we completed the epic trek to the Kilimanjaro summit, we returned to lower altitude regions of Tanzania. On the 13th day of our journey, we hopped […]

Best BikeHike Moments of Summer 2011 (Part 1)

The summer of 2011 has been one for the ages. BikeHike Adventures has been hard at work soaking up every ounce of adventure the great outdoors is willing to offer up. We’ve been fortunate to meet so many groups of fun and friendly people over the past couple months. To reflect on this stellar summer, […]