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4 Reasons Why Patagonia is a Must See

Breaking away from the common aspiration to travel in a warm and tropical destination can be difficult – but Patagonia makes it EASY. A mixture of immense natural beauty, rich wildlife and satisfying activities makes Patagonia a must for active travellers. Patagonia is located at the southern end of South America and spans over parts […]

Interview: Meghan Burton Retells Her BikeHike Galápagos Experience

Last November, BikeHike’s own Meghan Burton hopped aboard the Galápagos Multisport, BikeHike’s most popular Galapagos adventure tour. I sat down with Meghan shortly after to discuss her first Galápagos experience. Here’s what she had to say. Why did you choose to go to the Galápagos Islands? Meghan: I’ve always wanted to go. It was one […]

A Retelling of BikeHike’s Morocco Mountain Biker’s Dream

After years of anticipation, Bill Campbell and his wife finally experienced BikeHike’s mountain biking tour in Morocco. It is a 10-day mountain and desert biking adventure with an emphasis on cultural encounters. On his return, Bill decided to compile the video footage from his epic journey. The resulting video beautifully chronicles his experience. Watch Bill […]