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Must Try Adventure: The Black Hole Drop, Belize

For those looking for the full Belize adventure vacation experience, look no further than The Black Hole Drop. It has been called “The Mother of All Caves.” Within the Belize jungle resides a gigantic 300 ft deep sinkhole beneath the rainforest canopy. While the sight of such a deep dark hole makes many shake at […]

BikeHike Brazil Touched by “Twilight” Film

BikeHike Adventures has put together a new Brazilian adventure itinerary set to visit the same filming locations as the major motion picture “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.” The itinerary, Brazil – High Energy Extravaganza, includes hiking, kayaking, and canyoneering amidst the backdrop of the characters Bella and Edward’s tropical honeymoon. The film premiers on November […]

A Quick Guide to Experience Adventure Travel Like a Local

Curiously, the elements that initially attract you to adventure travel may not solely be the elements that keep you coming back. The real story is that adventure travel is a holistic experience, with numerous factors contributing to your continued enjoyment. An adventure simply wouldn’t be complete without the cultural aspect. To visit a city or […]

A Salute To Tandem Bikes (among other human powered oddities)

When it comes to active vacations, customization is very important to many BikeHike travellers. For this reason, we bend over backwards to make sure everyone gets an outdoor experience that’s right for them. An example of BikeHike’s passion to customize is the two-person bicycle seen above. It was created specially for a Galapagos departure earlier […]

A Brief History of Canyoneering

While mountaineering is concerned with reaching the top of a mountain, canyoneering is all about getting to the bottom. Known as “canyoning” in Europe, canyoneering involves descending a mountainous canyon just for the fun of it. Although canyoneering is a modern-day adventure sport, it got its origins from the necessity of transportation. As American explorers […]