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6 Reasons Your Family’s First Adventure Vacation Won’t Be Their Last

The world is you and your family’s oyster. Now that global travel is pretty much open for business, there are very few places families can’t go. Have the kids seen Paris? Have you seen the Great Wall as a family? What about Milan? The possibilities are seemingly endless. But with great variety comes choice. With […]

Top Three Adventure Destinations for Holiday Season Heat

Adventure travel doesn’t need a season. Between cold-climate ice trekking and warm-weather snorkeling, there is something for everyone no matter what the current climate. But what if you don’t want to wait until summer comes before you can enjoy your sunny sports? After all, nothing facilitates multisport adventure trips like a healthy dose of sun […]

Is Ecuador the Most Adventurous Destination in South America?

Which is the most adventurous country in South America? This is one of those questions that simply doesn’t have an answer. It really depends on your definition of “adventurous.” But if it were put to a poll, there is a strong possibility that Ecuador would top the list. Why you ask? I say this because, […]

The Top Four Destinations for Family Adventure Travel

Family adventure travel is becoming more and more popular, which isn’t surprising. Families who embarked on overseas adventure tours are exposed to increased levels of personal challenge, worldly education, bonding, culture and all sorts of other healthy stimuli. But where to go? Most families are looking for a place that is exotic enough to differ […]

Travel Trend – Multi-generational Adventure Travel

Going on an adventure? Grandma and Grandpa want in! One of the biggest travel trends over the last two years has been multi-generational travel. Parents, grandparents and children are uniting as an adventurous family unit ready to explore the world. When you look at the benefits of the multi-generation travel style, it’s not surprising that […]