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5 Reasons The West Coast Trail is in The Goldilocks Zone

Today is BC Day – a day set aside for British Columbians to celebrate friends, family and their beautiful province. It’s also an opportune time for me to write about one of the best destinations the province has to offer – The West Coast Trail. Located on the southwest side of Vancouver Island, the West […]

7 Tips for Getting the Most Out of your Multisport Vacation

Backpacking – Business trips – Resorts – Cruises – Road trips. Travelling comes in all shapes and sizes. Since the reasons for travelling tend to drastically differ, traveller’s must adapt to their particular style; hone their craft so-to-speak. Multisport adventure travel is no different. Knowing what you’re in for and adopting a compatible attitude will […]

The Quick Scoop on Drinks, Gels, and Bars

An active lifestyle depends on a healthy diet. In the heat of the moment, people can neglect to properly replace the energy their bodies are burning. Day hikers in particular are infamous for being ill-prepared in the nutrition department. Developing a proper meal plan for high energy activity is very important. But what do you […]

5 Reasons Group Tours are Good for Solo Travellers

Recent research conducted for Goway Travel by York University suggests that 30% of North American globetrotters are solo travellers. I’ve carried out my fair share of solo travels and can honestly say that it’s an invigorating way to see the world. But the truth is that people travel solo for numerous reasons: A genuine preference […]

South and Central America Was Made For Adventure Travel – Part 1

South and Central America is cut from an adventurous cloth. The plush jungles, wild rivers, and scenic mountain ranges cater to the outdoor enthusiast’s every whim. As any well-travelled adventurer knows, every country has it’s own unique offering. Here’s a quick look at the unique aspects of South and Central America’s top adventure travel destinations. […]