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Encountering Ancient Cultures on Trips

Interacting with locals is essential to truly experiencing any destination.  And most people realize that, I think.  Especially those within the adventure travel sphere. However, beyond simply interacting, it is also just as important to respect local traditions and knowledge. That, too, may seem common sense. Yet, it can be rather surprising how many people still […]

Top Five Double-Dose Destinations

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. So why not turn as many pages as possible? These days, more and more globetrotters are getting the most from their travels by double dipping with multi-country trips. To help you connect the dots on an epic multi-country voyage, we’ve […]

10 Reasons Jorgen is a Superstar Guide

It’s common for returning BikeHike travellers to report that their guide made their trip. I always love hearing this. After all the anticipation of wild and adventurous destinations and heart-pumping adventure activities, in the end it’s the unforeseen human connections that really leave the long-lasting affects. One key contributor to this adventure guide infatuation is […]

A Salute To Tandem Bikes (among other human powered oddities)

When it comes to active vacations, customization is very important to many BikeHike travellers. For this reason, we bend over backwards to make sure everyone gets an outdoor experience that’s right for them. An example of BikeHike’s passion to customize is the two-person bicycle seen above. It was created specially for a Galapagos departure earlier […]

Top 4 “Don’t Miss” Dishes From Ecuador

When I think of Ecuador adventure travel, I think of the snowcapped volcanic peaks of the Andes, the flourishing wildlife of the tropical jungle, and the challenging rapids of the Jatunyacu River. Although it’s very true that Ecuador has a versatile blend of adventurous terrain, it’s rich cultural side should not be over looked. For […]