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Three Vibrantly Colourful National Days Around the World

Asking the average North American what is important about the first week of July will likely garner an answer of either Canada Day or American Independence Day. What often gets overlooked is that most countries have their own national holiday to celebrate their Nationhood, often known as that country’s Independence Day. In fact, July 1st […]

How to Experience a Destination Like a Local

As great as travel is, feeling like a tourist is never enjoyable. It’s such a strange irony that tourism can be it’s own downfall. Overcrowded attractions, overpriced souvenirs, flashing cameras and a suspicious lack of locals leave us questioning what it is we’re here to do in the first place. Finding ways to explore places […]

BikeHike Adventures’ Shiny New Tag-Line

All of us at BikeHike Adventures are pleased to unveil our new company tagline – “connecting the world through active travel.” After nearly 18 years of operating under the tagline “multi-sport adventures for earthlings addicted to outdoor life,” we feel a change is necessary to augment BikeHike’s growth and direction. BikeHike specializes in active adventures […]

Thailand’s Move Towards Responsible Travel

Thailand’s multifarious and marvelous sights are spread over 200,000 sq miles of mountains, rivers and jungle. This puts Thailand in a privileged position to reap the benefits of the world’s growing interest in ecotourism. As a result, Thailand has become one of Asia’s most ecologically minded countries. By visiting Thailand, you are instantly transported into […]

A Quick Guide to Experience Adventure Travel Like a Local

Curiously, the elements that initially attract you to adventure travel may not solely be the elements that keep you coming back. The real story is that adventure travel is a holistic experience, with numerous factors contributing to your continued enjoyment. An adventure simply wouldn’t be complete without the cultural aspect. To visit a city or […]