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Cuba Travel Update

Interest in Cuba travel has been increasing exponentially over the past few months. How is the country coping? How is this increasing demand — in the wake of various announcements related to the easing of US-Cuba relations — affecting the Cuba travel experience? BikeHike Adventures, a Canadian company, has been operating trips in Cuba for […]

Travel to Cuba Frequently Asked Questions (Your Questions Answered)

So, you want to travel to Cuba… But lately, as interest in Cuba has increased, so too have the number of questions, especially since Obama’s announcements about the thawing of US-Cuba relations. So, here are some quick answers to some of the top 10 questions being asked about Cuba. If you’d like a longer answer, you […]

Top 5 Destinations You’ll Want to Visit Twice

It’s a big world with lots to see. As a result, choosing to double back to places we’ve already visited can be difficult to justify. Regardless, some places are worthy of the second trip. Here are five destinations that leave us wanting more. 1 » France With its well-documented set of romantic culture, world-class art, […]