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5 Ways to Keep in Touch After Group Travel

For many, the choice to embark on group dventure travel is driven by a need for something new and exciting. Rambling through the rich terrain of a far off destination – adventure is pretty much a sure thing. But what often keeps people coming back to the fast paced world of adventure travel is the […]

BikeHike Adventures’ Shiny New Tag-Line

All of us at BikeHike Adventures are pleased to unveil our new company tagline – “connecting the world through active travel.” After nearly 18 years of operating under the tagline “multi-sport adventures for earthlings addicted to outdoor life,” we feel a change is necessary to augment BikeHike’s growth and direction. BikeHike specializes in active adventures […]

Roots of Adventure Travel – Open-Mindedness

Previously I posted how “challenge” is a fundamental component of adventure travel. Today, I’ll continue this theme by talking about Open-mindedness. In an accelerating world, adventure travel allows us to ease back the throttle on our own fast paced lives. Immersed in foreign cities and cultures, we get the opportunity to take our eyes off […]