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Why You Shouldn’t Stand Up in a Canoe

After 18 years of running a global adventure travel company, it is safe to say that Trish Sare is a bonafide adventure expert – but that doesn’t mean she didn’t learn life’s lessons the hard way just like the rest of us! Lost pictures of Trish have recently resurfaced. In 1994 while on a trip […]

Another Reason I Love the Outdoors

One thing I love about the outdoors is that you never know what to expect. This is largely because when we’re out it nature, we’re not alone. We share the playing field with an astonishing assortment of wildlife. Although interactions with wildlife can be scary or even dangerous, wildlife sightings often just plain make your […]

10 Reasons to Practice Human-Powered Travel

All methods of travel can be segmented into two categories – resource-powered and human-powered. Although resource-powered is most common in the world of travel (and is often necessary), human-powered travel holds many fantastic rewards that tend to be overlooked. Resource-powered travel is driven mostly by gasoline via cars, planes, and buses. Electricity also comes into […]

Roots of Adventure Travel – Challenge

Since the 1980’s adventure travel has taken off. Promoting exploration, challenge and discovery, adventure travel strikes a chord with those of us who refuse to settle for the predictable and ordinary. The reasons for enjoying adventure travel are as diverse as the people who enjoy it. Never-the-less, there exit fundamental elements of adventure travel most […]

Thailand Total Lunar Eclipse Coincides Adventure Siam

Don’t you just love it when the stars align? Or in this case, the moon! The Full-Moon party has become a monthly fixture in Thailand. This winter, the skies become all the more significant as Thailand observes a Lunar eclipse on December 10th. And wouldn’t you know it, BikeHike’s Adventure Siam trip is scheduled to […]