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Adventure Travel Vacations to TripAdvisors’ Top 25 Destinations of 2012

TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site, has announced the Top 25 Destinations of 2012. The destinations are awarded based on the opinions of millions of travellers worldwide.The travellers have spoken and among the top 25 are five destinations BikeHike Adventures knows inside and out. #6 Marrakech, Morocco TripAdvisor writes: It’s easy to lose yourself in […]

Top Five Double-Dose Destinations

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. So why not turn as many pages as possible? These days, more and more globetrotters are getting the most from their travels by double dipping with multi-country trips. To help you connect the dots on an epic multi-country voyage, we’ve […]

Eight Great Monuments of Angkor Wat (Part 2)

Angkor Cambodia is a grand landscape of stone relics, ancient temples, and thick jungle. Since some monuments of Angkor are still used for religious purposes, it is common to see orange clad monks throughout the grounds. To conclude yesterday’s blog post, here are the remaining Great Monuments of Angkor. Ta Prohm Unlike most Angkor temples, […]

Eight Great Monuments of Angkor (Part 1)

Cambodia is the home of Angkor Wat, a remarkable 12th century temple and the world’s largest religious building. It has become a symbol of Cambodia and appears on its national flag. Visiting the grounds of Angkor Wat is a mystifying experience, transporting you into another time. Angkor Wat, however, is just one of a many […]