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How to Convince an Apprehensive Traveller to Join an Adventure Tour

What could possibly be more exciting than going on an adventure tour? Seeing the world from new angles, challenging yourself with every step and never looking back. Sure, it sounds exciting to most of us, but if you’re reading this, chances are you know someone who is a little apprehensive about adventure travel. Adventures are […]

6 Reasons Your Family’s First Adventure Vacation Won’t Be Their Last

The world is you and your family’s oyster. Now that global travel is pretty much open for business, there are very few places families can’t go. Have the kids seen Paris? Have you seen the Great Wall as a family? What about Milan? The possibilities are seemingly endless. But with great variety comes choice. With […]

Trish Guides Costa Rican Group in Her Own Neck of the Woods

Nomadic Trish is off for yet another adventure, only this time with a welcome plot twist. After a career of guiding Canadians throughout Costa Rica, Trish finally has home field advantage as she gears up to lead a group of Costa Ricans throughout Canada! As the founder of BikeHike Adventures, Trish has spent a lifetime […]

BikeHike’s Top 5 Autumn Adventures

The end of summer is nigh. For many people this means the last gasp for summer fun. But does the fun really have to stop here? No! In fact, just the opposite! Fall travel is the perfect time to strike, with fewer crowds, cooler weather and more chance to connect with locals. You just have […]

Never a Better Time for Greece Adventure Travel

Surprisingly, summer 2012 is being called the best time to visit Greece. Despite a looming financial crisis, numerous factors such as upcoming elections, decreased occurrences of demonstrations, and ideal exchange rates contribute to a strong travel environment for the summer 2012 season. As Greece is currently faced with a difficult financial and political period, travellers […]