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How to Take an Adventure Tour Like a Complete Rockstar

So you’re going on an adventure tour. Good for you! And like everything you do, you want to give it everything you’ve got! That’s more than understandable. After all, active vacations only come around so often. You want to take the bull by the horns and go the whole nine yards. Okay, enough clichés. Here […]

6 Tips to Avoid Phantom Phone Charges Abroad

By now, smart phones are simply a way-of-life for most of us. Being connected at all times is something we both need and take for granted. This creates a well-documented phone-bill friction when we decide to leave the country. Am I allowed to text? Will I be charged phantom roaming charges? Is my phone really […]

Why You Shouldn’t Stand Up in a Canoe

After 18 years of running a global adventure travel company, it is safe to say that Trish Sare is a bonafide adventure expert – but that doesn’t mean she didn’t learn life’s lessons the hard way just like the rest of us! Lost pictures of Trish have recently resurfaced. In 1994 while on a trip […]