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Top Three Holiday Season Adventure Travel Vacations

The key to an unforgettable holiday season is excitement. Although approaching an out-of-town December vacation can seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be complicated, or even stressful. With these three select adventure travel vacations, you can fill your holiday season with the perfect blend of action, culture, and relaxation. Pre-Christmas – Galapagos Multi-sport Dates: Dec […]

Trish Guides Costa Rican Group in Her Own Neck of the Woods

Nomadic Trish is off for yet another adventure, only this time with a welcome plot twist. After a career of guiding Canadians throughout Costa Rica, Trish finally has home field advantage as she gears up to lead a group of Costa Ricans throughout Canada! As the founder of BikeHike Adventures, Trish has spent a lifetime […]

How to Experience a Destination Like a Local

As great as travel is, feeling like a tourist is never enjoyable. It’s such a strange irony that tourism can be it’s own downfall. Overcrowded attractions, overpriced souvenirs, flashing cameras and a suspicious lack of locals leave us questioning what it is we’re here to do in the first place. Finding ways to explore places […]

A Traveller’s Guide to Empowered Eating

It’s so common that good travel results in a bad diet. The same lack of control that garners us unexpected excitement has a tendency to result in tough culinary decisions. Out of our element, we tend to give in to whatever’s around. Exacerbating the problem is the fact that by this point we’re usually having […]

Adventure Travel: Do You Really Want to Make Your Booking Entirely Online?

According to Travelweek’s Ultimate Travel Survey, when asked “How do you typically book your vacation’s travel arrangements?” 49% of respondents stated that they book using the internet. Really, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. In fact, I expected this figure would be even higher considering today’s online involvement. It does, however, remind me of a […]