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What a Typical Day on an Adventure Tour Looks Like as a School Timetable

Now that you have gone through your truly useful back to travel shopping list, it’s time to take a look at what a typical day would look like on an adventure tour. There are several ‘subjects’ that will be covered throughout an average day, with differing amounts of time spent on each, depending on the […]

4 Reasons Why Patagonia is a Must See

Breaking away from the common aspiration to travel in a warm and tropical destination can be difficult – but Patagonia makes it EASY. A mixture of immense natural beauty, rich wildlife and satisfying activities makes Patagonia a must for active travellers. Patagonia is located at the southern end of South America and spans over parts […]

10 Things Every Adventure Traveller Should Be Thankful For

Adventure travel is an uplifting experience that touches almost every part of life. Holistic experiences such as these have the common affect of making one reflect on the world. Here’s a quick list of wonderful things adventure travel encourages us to be thankful for. 10 » Air Travel Yes, airlines are a source of much […]

6 Easy Ways to Avoid Sickness Abroad Without Being a Total Recluse

With the North American annual leave averaging around 12 days per year, it is no wonder that we place a disproportional amount of importance on getting the most from our holidays. Safeguarding our well-earned adventure vacation from illness is an important step often overlooked during the excitement of travel. The shame of it is – […]

5 Reasons To Try Tenting While Travelling

Most travellers are looking for new experiences they will remember forever. It is an inconvenient truth, however, that sometimes to capture something new, you need to sacrifice your traditional notions of comfort. Camping is a primary example of this. There is an inherent barrier to participation that many travellers hold towards tenting abroad. The irony […]