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Stretch your US Dollar Further in these Destinations

It always feels great when your dollar goes far while on vacation. So, here’s our hand-picked list of places to consider for your  next vacation. With a strengthening US dollar against these local currencies, it has never been a better time to plan your next adventure.   BRAZIL Brazil is becoming a bargain leading up to […]

What a Typical Day on an Adventure Tour Looks Like as a School Timetable

Now that you have gone through your truly useful back to travel shopping list, it’s time to take a look at what a typical day would look like on an adventure tour. There are several ‘subjects’ that will be covered throughout an average day, with differing amounts of time spent on each, depending on the […]

Top 10 Travel Games Requiring Nothing More Than a Friend

Remember the days before phones, pads, & pods – when we used to have to get by on our imagination and conversation? Some remember those as “the good ol’ days.” One of the few situations that often still requires a healthy dose of manual time killing is travel. During long haul transfers on adventure holidays, […]

5 Adventurous Ways to Cross a River

Being secretly happy to find obstacles in your path is the mark of a true adventurer. A successful adventure holiday is marked by plot twists, unexpected happenings and concurred adversity. Coming to a river dividing your path is much the same way. How to get across? Well, there’s more than one way to cross a […]

Three Adventure Holiday Activities to Try Before You Die

Adventure vacations are just as much about challenge as they are about fun. One of the best ways to stay challenged is to force ourselves to try something new. This is one of the key benefits of multi-sport adventure holidays; they round out the perfect holiday by mixing the activities we all adore with new […]