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Adventure Travel: 3 Rules to Live By

Adventure travel can mean many things – a multi-sport tour through the tropics, a lengthy trekking vacation in the mountains, or a coast to coast biking journey across a country. Regardless of your adventure style, here are three rules to live by along the way. 1 » Push Yourself True adventure travel should always push […]

Active Vacations: 5 Must Do’s Before Departure

Travel is so much more than our time spent away. Instead, the wonderful days leading up to our departure are analogous to a child waiting for Christmas – the closer our active vacation comes, the more excited we get. But rather than spending this time impatiently waiting for departure, why not get involved in making […]

10 Ways to Survive a Red-Eye Flight

If approached wisely, there are many benefits to red-eye flights. They’re often cheaper, more punctual, and tend to have quicker check-ins. The big kicker is that red-eye flights can maximize holiday time by reducing day-travel. If approached poorly, however, red-eye flights can be disastrous. Whether you’re flying business or pleasure, sleep deprivation and soreness will […]

Outside Magazine Recognizes BikeHike Slovenia as one of the Best New Frontiers

Outside Magazine has recognized BikeHike Adventures in the Best New Frontier category of the 2012 Travel Awards. Slovenia has been selected as the runner-up to Myanmar as the world’s best new frontier. Outside recommends BikeHike’s Slovenia adventure holidays for active travellers visiting Slovenia. The announcement was made on March 13th 2012 in Outside’s annual travel […]

A Packed Day of Adventure in Costa Rica

Multi-sport vacations are marked by a variety of activities over the course the trip. Going a step further – sometimes multiple activities are explored in a given day! For instance, take day-4 of the Ultimate Adventure Medley, a Costa Rica adventure trip. The adventure quotient for this particular day is enormous: It includes: Zip-lining through […]