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Gadgets and iPhone Apps for Active Travel

We are all about embracing destinations to the fullest and loving every minute that you are on the go. So, we want to help you spend less time fretting over the little details. So many of us rely on our phones now for everything, even when we are away from the everyday. And we would hate to […]

The Adventurers Guide To Active Meditation

True meditation can only be achieved while sitting perfectly still in the lotus position in a setting of absolute silence. Right? Well, not exactly. The truth is that not everyone has the time, environment, or desire to achieve this sort of transcendental meditation. But that doesn’t mean meditation can’t be explored by other methods. Mediation […]

This Valentine Romance isn’t in a Box, it’s in a Shared Experience

This Valentine’s Day, we’re offering up the true meaning of togetherness by announcing customizable Belize adventure vacations. In lieu of the expected heart shaped box of chocolates, experience-minded couples will choose their departure date, multi-sport activities, and spend Valentine’s Day amongst the most romantic setting of all, the great outdoors. Flowers and Champagne will spark […]

7 Fascinating Toilets Around the World

When you step off a plane/train/bus/boat and take your first glance at a new place, there are some differences you notice right away. Language, smells, speed, climate, clothes, etc. But then, there are many smaller elements of a new place that pop up a little later. For instance, have you ever gone to the restroom […]

A Retelling of BikeHike’s Morocco Mountain Biker’s Dream

After years of anticipation, Bill Campbell and his wife finally experienced BikeHike’s mountain biking tour in Morocco. It is a 10-day mountain and desert biking adventure with an emphasis on cultural encounters. On his return, Bill decided to compile the video footage from his epic journey. The resulting video beautifully chronicles his experience. Watch Bill […]