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6 Reasons Your Family’s First Adventure Vacation Won’t Be Their Last

The world is you and your family’s oyster. Now that global travel is pretty much open for business, there are very few places families can’t go. Have the kids seen Paris? Have you seen the Great Wall as a family? What about Milan? The possibilities are seemingly endless. But with great variety comes choice. With […]

10 Reasons Jorgen is a Superstar Guide

It’s common for returning BikeHike travellers to report that their guide made their trip. I always love hearing this. After all the anticipation of wild and adventurous destinations and heart-pumping adventure activities, in the end it’s the unforeseen human connections that really leave the long-lasting affects. One key contributor to this adventure guide infatuation is […]

Hiking The Exquisite Carpathian Mountains of Romania

Crisp wind meanders over the patchy hills of rock and mountain grass. A thin layer of mist coats the snow-capped mountains, adding texture to the soul-shaking 360° panoramic view of the Carpathian Mountains. The first activity explored on BikeHike’s Romania – Transylvania Traverse is a day spent hiking in the Carpathian Mountains, a vast 209,000-km² […]

Women Only Adventure Travel

Contrary to outdated belief, the average traveller is not a male in his late 20’s. It is a middle aged female ready to take on the world. More and more women are now travelling the globe. This has made a large impact on both the travel industry and women as a whole. According to, […]

Roots of Adventure Travel – Challenge

Since the 1980’s adventure travel has taken off. Promoting exploration, challenge and discovery, adventure travel strikes a chord with those of us who refuse to settle for the predictable and ordinary. The reasons for enjoying adventure travel are as diverse as the people who enjoy it. Never-the-less, there exit fundamental elements of adventure travel most […]