Songkran Festival Thailand 2012

Songkran Festival ThailandIn Valencia Spain, they throw tomatoes. In Ivrea Italy, they throw Oranges. Sounds pretty messy right? Something tells me Thailand has it all figured out. When the spring sun heats up and enters the Aries portion of the zodiac, it’s time for the Songkran “Water Splashing” Festival in Thailand!

The traditional marking of the new calendar year, Songkran is Thailand’s celebration of the vernal equinox. To celebrate, locals take to the streets with squirt guns, buckets, tubes and hoses with one thing on their mind, spraying that water. Sometimes even elephants get involved by spraying onlookers with their trunks.

To the people of Thailand, the spraying of the water is a sign of spiritual renewal and cleansing. This special time of year is paired with spring-cleaning and lighthearted pranks, not unlike North America’s April Fool’s Day. The festival starts on April 13th and typically lasts three days.

Sounds like fun? This is just one of the many cultural treasures to be discovered in Thailand. Join us on one of our Thailand Adventure Siam excursions and connect with the people of Thailand!

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