A Foodie Guide to Peru

Reflecting Peru’s mixed history and its fusion of cultures, Peru’s cuisine is equally eclectic. Peruvian cuisine’s influences include local ingredients as well as recipes from Europe, Asia and West Africa. Some would say that Peru sets the standard for world class fusion cuisine.     

So, let us offer you this guide to Peruvian cuisine. It doubles as a great checklist of recommendations to try while visiting Peru!

First, let’s tease you with these delicious Peruvian food photos…




Traditional staples in Peru:

Corn, quinoa, chili peppers, beans, potatoes and other root vegetables

Here’s a handy Peru cuisine dictionary:

Lomo Saltado – stir-fried beef dish with onions, vinegar, ginger, chili, tomatoes & fried potatoes

Ceviche – Shrimp / sea bass marinated in lemon, chili & onion

Papas Rellenas – Stuffed baked potatoes

Palta Rellena – avocado stuffed with chicken salad


Picarones – deep fried flour fritters made with eggs and served with honey

And while we’re at it, here’s what to drink in Peru: 

Inca Cola – lime green soda pop that tastes like fizzy bubble gum

Pisco Sour – alcoholic beverage made with white grape brandy

Mate de Coca – tea made from coca leaves

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