How to Travel with a Bike

With bike tourism so popular, more and more people are planning to take their own bike on a trip. The following are some tips on how to travel with a bicycle. If you have any other recommendations, please let us know in the comments section below.

Read luggage rules

Different airlines have different weight restrictions and fees for bikes ranging from 50lbs to 100lbs and $50 to $100 or more. The most important things to save money are to read the luggage rules before you purchase a flight and be aware that if you use two different airlines to get to your destination you will likely have to pay twice.

Keep it light

If you go over the weight limit overweight fees can get very expensive. The trick is to go with a light bike box/bag. Plastic boxes can be very nice for protection, but since the boxes themselves often weigh almost 20 lbs on their own, unless you carry a carbon fiber bike or a road bike, this option will likely cost you.

Folding bikes

This option is great because you can check your bike as a regular bag, but the small wheels may make the ride less enjoyable for some. If you opt for a regular bike that needs to be dismantled, make sure you know where everything belongs so that you can put it back together again.

Consider where you’ve ridden

If you’ve recently ridden Whistler Bike Park, it is important to wash your bike well. Otherwise, airport security might detect traces of explosives since dynamite is used for avalanche control in the area.

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