Giving Thanks

At the start of the new year, most people start thinking about resolutions. At BikeHike Adventures, one of ours is to show more gratitude for the little luxuries in life. Here’s a sample of things – little and big – that we’re thankful for.

Lightweight Down Jackets
We’ve come a long way since 1940 when Eddie Bauer (the man behind the brand) invented the first down jacket called the Skyliner. This incredible discovery of warmth led to years of development and improvement in the field of outerwear to bring us to present day technology where we can find down jackets that scrunch into our daypacks without effort, and are so light we sometimes forget that we packed it.

We’re thankful for iPhones and all other 3G phones that allow us to text our adventures from the streets of Vancouver to the tip of Mount Kilimanjaro. Did you know that the first pre-commercial 3G network was launched in 2001?

Waterproof Paper
Oh the things you can forget if you wait until later to write them down! But how did we ever write in the rain before waterproof paper? Nowadays, you can buy a waterproof notebook for your soggy adventures for less than $10. We can’t wait to see what inventor Sally Ramsey will come up with next!

Thermarest Sleeping Pads
Anyone who has ever shelled out the $100+ for a Thermarest sleeping pad will tell you that it was worth every penny. Thank you to Cascade Designs – the makers of Thermarests, MSR and SealLine – for keeping the twigs at bay.

Non-pumping Water Filters
If you’re already tired from your trek through the Amazon, the last thing you want to do is exert more energy pumping drinking water. We’re very thankful for all the inventors who created microbiological water filters.

Heated Ski Boots
Heated footbeds were actually invented in the late ‘80s but they’re new to us so we’re dying to try them out! You too can get your existing boots fitted with battery powered heated footbeds to keep your toes happy on the slopes and avoid taking your boots off and tearing open a new temporary heat pad each time you get too cold.

Wash-In Waterproofers
Have you ever had a waterproof jacket that you love but that lost its ability to shield you from the wet stuff? There’s no need to go through the trials of separation anymore with wash-in waterproofers. For less than $15 per bottle, you can salvage two favourite jackets in the wash and save yourself an extra $300 on a replacement shell!

Underarm Zippers
Who invented the underarm zipper? We don’t know the answer to that one, so we’re going to have to direct our thanks to the inventor of the early interlocking zipper (aka the “hookless fastener”), Swedish born Gideon Sundback. When I was first introduced to underarm zippers, it was on a jacket I had little intention of using during long hikes. I thought it was a silly thing to have. Now though, underarm zippers are almost as essential as layering!

So fellow adventurers, what are you thankful for?


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