Gadgets and iPhone Apps for Active Travel

We are all about embracing destinations to the fullest and loving every minute that you are on the go. So, we want to help you spend less time fretting over the little details. So many of us rely on our phones now for everything, even when we are away from the everyday. And we would hate to hear that you had to miss out on capturing your favourite views or moments because your iPhone died (hello, we’ve all be there, haven’t we?).APPstore

Here’s a list of great current gadgets and apps to help you embrace the moment wherever you find yourself biking, hiking or whatever else you get up to doing on your active holidays.


Lifeproof iPhone Cases
Doesn’t the name say it all?
And this company is after our own heart, as it also makes accessories like bike mounts, perfect for cycling trips!

SnowLizard SLXtreme iPhone Case
This case is waterproof, so it is perfect for those active days in places like Costa Rica, kayaking or whitewater rafting!

Mophie Space Pack for iPhone
Fear not when you are out biking, hiking or kayaking for hours away from plugs! You may never have to worry about missing that perfect pic again!

Otterbox iPhone Commuter Series Wallet
This handy little phone cover has a built in “drawer” to stash credit cards and bills so that you don’t have to dig through your bag for them or stuff them in your socks.

Olloclip for iPhone
If you like the versatility of other cameras but don’t want to carry that extra bulk, these little clip-on lenses turn your phone into a more sophisticated camera with fisheye, wide-angle and macro capabilities.

iPhone APPS

Word Lens
This app is absolute amazing for visiting foreign countries.  When you point the phone at a sign, as if to take a picture, it translates words into English for you read in real-time on your iPhone screen. Perfect for signs in foreign languages.

Sphere 360
This crazy cool app lets you create 360 images of what you are experiencing. This is the ultimate way to document your favourite views!

Packing Pro
This really is an essential app for anyone who stresses over forgetting items at home. You can create multiple, custom packing lists so that you never forget anything critical to your trip again.

This app helps you keep a private journal of all the places you’ve been without having to take time out to sit down and write it all down. Simply tap, clip and snaap (you can even attach picture posts to each place). Plus, if you want to make your friends jealous, you can share some maps and pics with them.

This is the ultimate way to not only track how many miles you’ve traveled, with its GPS tracking and map display, but it can also keep track of all your expenses for meals, hotels, food, tips, etc. in one place.

A great related travel quote, and on of our favourites:
“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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