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Your Vietnam Travel FAQs — Questions and Answers

YOUR TOP VIETNAM TRAVEL FAQS Watch/listen to our recently recorded Vietnam FAQ video on Youtube here. How has Vietnam travel changed over the years? In the early days of Vietnam opening up to adventure travel, there were certainly not as many travellers there as there are today. However, it is still very possible to get […]

Encountering Ancient Cultures on Trips

Interacting with locals is essential to truly experiencing any destination.  And most people realize that, I think.  Especially those within the adventure travel sphere. However, beyond simply interacting, it is also just as important to respect local traditions and knowledge. That, too, may seem common sense. Yet, it can be rather surprising how many people still […]

BikeHike looks at the New York Times 45 Places to Go in 2012

It’s been 9 months since the New York Times published their 45 Places to Go in 2012 article. With just three months left, time is dwindling to visit these global hotspots within the year. As always, BikeHike strives to make adventure travel easy. Here’s a short list of the New York Times recommended destinations that […]

Vietnam Weather – When and Where to Go

We get a lot of questions concerning the best season to embark on a Vietnam adventure vacation. For most destinations, this answer is quite simple, “This is the warm season…this is the cold season…take your pick.” Vietnam, however, is much more complex. A slender coastal landmass hugging Thailand, Laos and China, the local microclimates of […]

8 Different Adventures for 8 Different Traveller Types

When asked, “where do you plan to travel next?” most of us have more than a few places on our list. Narrowing down that one next destination can be tough going. During decisions of such magnitude, we surely use more than one heuristic to make our selection. Often times the decision is made for abstract […]