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The Packing Expert’s Guide to Packing for an Adventure Travel Tour

Packer extraordinaire, Trish Sare (Owner of BikeHike Adventures) is always on the go and knows the art of packing efficiently. In fact, she has refined the art of packing effectively for an international trip down to a very precise science. Here’s the short little video tutorial she recently filmed for you to show you how to […]

Travelling Open Minded

We see the world with but one set of eyes. For this reason, it can seem that we are doomed to a narrow prospective. As we learn, we form opinions, habits, and preferences. Part of this process is beneficial as we (hopefully) progress toward wisdom. The downside is that we become closed minded and overly […]

Active Travel with the Locals of Guatemala

Here at BikeHike, we are known for our emphasis on local interactions. Aside from our passion for multi-sport excitement, cultural connections are at the forefront of our mission. As seen in the video above, our adventures compile a diverse set of unique cultural experiences, from street performances and home-stays to local cuisine and ancient ruins. […]