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10 Year Canadian ePassports to Make Adventure Vacations Easier

Although travel is a supremely worthy endeavor, it does come with its share of nuisances – passports being one. We’ve all been there. Two days before the big adventure holiday and you realize your passport will expire in five months. Too bad you need six months validity to enter the country you’ve been dying to […]

Why Virtual Tourism Will Never Match Up To The Real Thing

The saying “technology has come a long way” has become an embarrassing understatement. The media capabilities of our desktop and handheld devices are nothing short of magic to the 20th century. At the stroke of a finger, we are connected to anywhere in the world, digitally witnessing funny moments, captivating events, and inspiring achievements. It’s […]

5 Ways to Keep in Touch After Group Travel

For many, the choice to embark on group dventure travel is driven by a need for something new and exciting. Rambling through the rich terrain of a far off destination – adventure is pretty much a sure thing. But what often keeps people coming back to the fast paced world of adventure travel is the […]

Ten Trending Adventure Travel Destinations for 2012

1) Brazil Brazil is in the privileged position to excel in almost every active area. Jungle hikes connecting remote fishing villages, sea kayaking in Tropical Fjords, and elaborate zip-lining adventures through forest canopies and waterfalls showcase Brazil’s adventurous side. 2) Guatemala 2012 has finally arrived and all eyes are on the Mayans. Guatemala is the […]

Travel Trend – Multi-generational Adventure Travel

Going on an adventure? Grandma and Grandpa want in! One of the biggest travel trends over the last two years has been multi-generational travel. Parents, grandparents and children are uniting as an adventurous family unit ready to explore the world. When you look at the benefits of the multi-generation travel style, it’s not surprising that […]