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The Packing Expert’s Guide to Packing for an Adventure Travel Tour

Packer extraordinaire, Trish Sare (Owner of BikeHike Adventures) is always on the go and knows the art of packing efficiently. In fact, she has refined the art of packing effectively for an international trip down to a very precise science. Here’s the short little video tutorial she recently filmed for you to show you how to […]


If you love travel as much as we do here, you likely want to find ways to be able to do more of it while also making the most of every single trip. And so many of us have been gravitating towards travel rewards credit cards to help us do just that. From earning rewards to […]

The Limitations of TripAdvisor and Guidebooks

You are planning a trip to a new destination. The flight is booked. Now you are really getting excited. Because it is so new to you that you know nothing about it other than that you can’t wait to go there and experience all that it has to offer. So that gets you thinking. You better […]

The Strange Case of the Modern Adventure Traveller

When I say adventure, what comes to mind? Chances are that your definition will vary from mine, which will vary from someone else’s definition. The Oxford dictionary defines adventure as “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity”. However, what is unusual and exciting to one may be ordinary to another. Within the past […]

5 Adventure Travel Trends in 2013

Adventure takes us to the edge. And once we get there, the question is always the same: “What’s next?” This is the driving force that keeps adventure travel fresh. There are always new ways to see the world. It takes only a glimpse of prospective excitement to make us say, “I have got to go […]